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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “Here's Why Blogging Matters in Business and Marketing” by Marc Warren

Most freelance writers continue to make a killing out there today despite the current impasse the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to various industries. However, most of these professionals have arguably thrived even before the present situation because content is an essential factor in this modern age of business and marketing.

One of the most preferred ways brands can reach their target audiences is via blogs where digital marketing specialists can place relevant keywords, address search intents, target potential leads and create conversions, as well as strategize through the marketing funnel. That may sound a little too much, but blogs can actually be worthwhile and fun if you run a small business and want to connect with the proper audience.

Before we list down why blogging is so important in the world of business and marketing, let’s first define what it is. According to, blogging is a way for marketers to get the word out online and push brands for consumer recall. In other words, it’s a channel that can grow a business especially when reinforced with other channels such as social media, email marketing, or direct mail.

How? Here are a couple of insights that proved blogging is an essential tactic if you want to make your presence felt online.

It creates traffic to your website

Who doesn’t want more visitors into their brand sites? Blog posts add indexed pages on your website and the more you come up with relevant content for your target market, the higher the chances for your website to gain a better ranking in organic search result pages. It creates traffic because when you integrate search engine optimization (SEO) into your content, you can easily plan and manage what you really want to put online for better visibility. But SEO is a completely different realm which you should get yourself familiar with as well. For now, just bear in mind that posting more blog posts into your website convinces Google or any other search engines you’re active in that your site is active and values content. These blog posts can also make it into social media accounts (yours and users who engage with your site through shares, comments, and tags), which enables you to reach a wider audience online and increases site traffic.

It converts into leads

Based on how relevant your blog posts are, these indexed entries also have the ability to convert traffic into leads. You can do that by putting call to action segments within your content that can lead users to content assets or anything that can make them sign-up, subscribe, or avail of freebies and promotions on your site. This marketing funnel stage (depending on which paradigm you use), belongs to the interest phase where you can now collect potential customer data for your own analytics. Brush up on your traffic-to-lead conversion knowledge and determine your key-performance indicators as these will help you better understand your customer’s journey and eventually steer you on how to improve your blogging strategies.

It makes you build authority

Always remember that most online users you want to visit your site are those who go to their search bars in search of an answer to a question or need. Before you even attempt to write or design a blog post, you may want to ask yourself a couple of questions first: What can you offer? Who do you want to talk to? What makes you unique and the best choice? Being able to answer your target audience’s queries and provide their needs can build your online authority and make your brand a top-of-mind choice for those you are able to engage and convert. Blogging helps you build proper market share in a sea of competition if you are able to help people and manage to present credible and impressive content. Soon you can try out guest posting to strengthen your online brand presence and perhaps even make yourself a thought leader in your industry sector.

Study these insights carefully before you begin with your blogging journey and inch your way to learning the other main essentials like digital marketing, SEO, and metrics among others that could all help build your online presence ahead of the competition.

If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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