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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This is an article “How to Increase Follower Engagement With Color” by Marc Primo Warren

For any serious marketer or designer, choosing the right color palette that can trigger a positive response from a target audience is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to designing ad collaterals. While there are many color combinations available online which could work for you, telling a story by presenting the right blend of hues can increase the way your followers will want to interact with or be associated with your brand, both online and offline.

If you think your favorite colors will best describe your brainchild project, you’d better think again. Choosing the right colors that will create an impact online takes skill and thorough brand analysis. What do you offer your followers? Who are your followers? Who are you? These questions should be immediately answered by a proper design concept that shouts out your brand story.

To increase follower engagement with the use of color, try these very useful tips:

Plan your palette

A good color mix just doesn’t fall out from the sky. It takes careful planning on how a palette can stir up emotions and influence every visitor on your website. It takes great thought on how to integrate fonts and design elements to make it more visually appealing and create positive vibes for your brand.

Try to establish your brand story and just like how artists paint a masterpiece on canvass, try telling it with the use of colors for your logos, ads, and posts via key visuals and color palettes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match cool and warm colors to create a certain effect on the viewer. Blue can be mixed with red if you are aiming to be bold like Pepsi or Domino’s Pizza. If you want to project a calmer and more subtle visual, try greens and yellows like what Sesame Street or Google Drive did. Mixing colors to get the right combinations for your brand is an adventure you’d want to really sink your mind into so you can effectively engage your followers.

Create a color scheme

Now that you have your color palette, selecting a good color scheme for your website or blogs is the next step. For this, you’d want to go with memorable ones that create brand recognition. Be consistent in all your web pages and social media platforms and stick with what you believe can influence your first-time visitors to come back and pay more visits to your site. Color increases your brand recognition by 80%, so choose to be minimal rather than stuff all the colors of the rainbow in your designs. That would be pretty distracting.

Aside from boosting your brand’s presence and recall, your color scheme can help your visitors make snap judgements about your brand. Always remember, 94% of first time visitors rely on your web design when deciding to pay you another visit or otherwise.

Make them feel your brand through color

There are many studies about color psychology which can help you better understand the relationship between consumers and their first impressions. Your brand’s colors are the easiest things your target audience will understand as they can be instantly assessed before they read your copies and review your overall art.

Brands that exude creativity always work the best in advertising and creating follower engagement. Try to encourage your followers to use their imagination by creating balance with contrasts (black and white), or making them feel how sincere, sophisticated, or reliable you are as a brand. In other words, create your brand’s personality through the use of color psychology. For most brands, blue is often the safest choice as it’s the most common favorite among people. However, don’t be afraid to explore other color palettes that you think would appeal to your target market and make them understand your brand in the best way possible, all because you made them feel what you want them to feel.

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