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4 Easy Steps to Make Money Out Of Blogging in 2022

This is an article ‘4 Easy Steps to Make Money Out Of Blogging in 2022’ by Marc Primo Warren

Blogging has been a staple in the gig economy since it first became a trend in August 1999. Of course, back then, it was merely a channel where only 23 online individuals got to share their thoughts about specific subjects. As the technology evolved throughout the years, blogging paved the way for thought leadership and digital marketing strategies that enabled more to earn from the content they share online.

Today, 77% of all internet users read blogs, increasing internet traffic to commercial websites by up to 2000%. Around 8% of bloggers from over 600 million active blogs earn enough cash to support their families.

Some seasoned bloggers have tried to run multiple blogs, with many failing to gain traction. However, with constant practice and research, more bloggers have mastered SEO and have increased their earning potential. There's no question how one can make money out of blogging about their passions, but what can be challenging is establishing a successful blog among a sea of landing pages with similar content and gaining some profit out of the whole practice.

Here are four easy steps that can help you achieve that goal:

Determine what you are most passionate about

Everything under the sun. That practically sums up everything you can cover on your blog. You can find dozens of blogs about any niche, from esports to proper composting, but the problem is that not all of them can be profitable.

Most bloggers usually go for topics that drive their passions or where they consider themselves well-versed. Some of the most lucrative subjects revolve around digital marketing, financial tips, wellness, food, and self-care. However, you can find hundreds of blogs on the internet that already cover these topics.

Starting a blog needs to come from a profound sense within you that aims to make you an authority in a particular niche. This point is where the 1000 true fans theory can come in to make the practice profitable. According to Wire Magazine writer Kevin Kelly, any artist can create a sustainable profit by getting at least a thousand fans on board to support them. The concept is similar to how today's micro-influencers carve out their respective creator space online.

The first thing you should do before you start a blog is to determine what niche you are most passionate about and conduct research on how profitable and competitive it can be. Do a quick Google search on your niche's available affiliate programs and resources, then run the sites on the online SEO tool Ahfef's Content Explorer. This step will help you determine the level of competition and the keywords you can include in your content – which leads us to the next tip.

Develop the right content

Another challenging aspect (if not the most) in starting a blog aimed at earning money is developing the right content that will strike a chord with your target audience. This step takes time and great focus to determine which keywords will work for your target audience's search intent and if they can address their pain points. Perhaps, you should manage your expectations about not earning money during the early developments of your content as some form of trial and error will be needed first to find out what sticks within your niche.

To most elite bloggers, the secret is being consistent with how they establish their brand, take care of their followers, and apply the proper SEO techniques that can generate traffic to their blogs. Always look forward to a long-term project when you start a blog because even the most successful ones take years before they earn.

While developing your content and keywords, focus on high-quality articles that can both promote your blog and help your readers instead of immediately aiming to monetize. Even one hour per day is enough to keep your blog well-maintained, so schedule it within your work day and adjust the things that do not seem to work in terms of the content you offer.

Create a thought leader mindset

Most bloggers perform different tactics to earn the trust of their target audiences. After all, the main objective for each blogger is to have a significant number of conversions that will follow them as true and loyal fans.

This step is where the concept of thought leadership comes in, and blogs are the perfect channel to practice it. Most internet users today pay attention to micro-influencers and bloggers that they can trust and rely on for solutions rather than commercial brands that go for paid ads. You can start being an authority within your niche if you can address their concerns and offer solutions you have tried yourself, then share your feedback to help them with their challenges.

Credibility is the cornerstone of every blog. Some elements that can help you strike a chord with your audience are the right keywords, a good site speed, an 'About Me' section on your landing page, a comments section for community discussions, and how you manage your content.

It will also help if you share your page metrics with your followers to establish how you are experiencing sustainable growth as a blogger and link-building strategies that connect you with other bloggers in and around your chosen niche.

Tap the power of the email list

Lastly, new bloggers can go from zero to a hundred by creating an email list. More than just a sheet of potential followers and subscribers, your email list should apply the proper SEO tactics, including keywords, search intent, automation, and content repurposing.

An effective email list can lower your blog's bounce rates, make your promoted content shareable via email, and drive increased traffic to your landing pages. Add a subscription box element on your blog (usually on the sidebar) and encourage your audience to sign up for your newsletter. You can also offer free ebooks and guides as samplers of what they can get from subscribing to your blog or other content upgrades and checklists that can pull them in.

Email marketing remains a significant factor in today's digital marketing strategies, with two-thirds of those with an email account wanting to receive messages from their preferred brands and 35% of marketers using the strategy as one of their primary drivers for conversion.

Starting a blog is hard work and will take significant time and effort before it earns some cash. Doing these four tips can help you start strong, and depending on how passionate you are when it comes to blogging, you can monetize and sustain your passion project within just a few years.

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