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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “All About Blogging” by Marc Primo Warren

No one can deny the power of blogging when it comes to creating one’s online presence. It's a digital space staple that continues to evolve into a more exciting platform where you can just do and talk about anything you want and create value for yourself. In fact, over 70 million blog posts are posted online per month thanks to WordPress users. If you are new to blogging, knowing the essentials into creating a blog site and how to promote yourself online lets you accomplish a whole lot of things more easily in a short period of time.

Bloggers who are trying to boost their online presence know the difference between the traditional blog and a personal blog. Personal blogs are more focused on the author as an online influencer who is trying to reach out to his followers with the use of unique and helpful content. Personal blogs can also form communities and are usually concentrated on specific niches rather than covering broad aspects.

Whether you prefer inspirational blogs worth sharing or educational ones that can help your readers be the best versions of themselves, blogging will definitely push your online presence to greater heights if you follow these simple and easy steps.

Establish a connection

Building your online presence via a personal blog is one of the easiest ways to gain an audience and following. You simply have to put yourself out there and introduce yourself, your passions, and your know-how in order to pull in readers who are interested in the same things as you are. For example, if you are an avid musician, perhaps you can start a blog that can share what you know about playing an instrument, technique, or your views about certain artists. Bear in mind that every reader who goes online is looking for interesting content that can help them with their daily lives or pursuits. Getting an ample slice of the 409 million people who visit blogs per month by sharing what you know is a good start in establishing a connection with the right audience online.

Create appeal

In building your online presence, planning the right content makes a huge difference in garnering positive results. You’d want to get your voice out there and be able to talk to the right audience in a way that appeals to them and converts them into loyal followers of your blog. Take the time to write quality content or your articles. To give you an idea, a writer drafts an article in three and a half hours on average. Once you have content, complement them by posting their links on your social media accounts where you can also meet new audiences to increase visitors on your site. Soon enough, when you have amassed a significant following, you can now be labeled a legitimate influencer which makes it a whole lot easier to get your brand out there via backlinks and guest posts.

Promote yourself

Of course, part of blogging and building your online presence is having an efficient marketing strategy that will promote your brand. You might want to jot down your unique selling points (USP) or what makes your brand different and more awesome than similar blog sites. What one-of-a-kind features can you offer your visitors and followers? Why should they turn to you for help instead of others? Perhaps, the hard part is really building your credibility offline but if you have the right chops for it, marketing yourself should be a piece of cake. Make sure you are among the trustworthy bloggers out there as blogging is the 5th most trusted source of information for online users. Just stay true and earn the confidence of your audience and you’ll be fine. Some bloggers started out just for fun and are now making great profits simply by being honest about who they are and what they know

Blogging is a very engaging way to get your name out there. Having a passion for it not only increases your chances to link with new networks, but also raises your online value which can be pretty profitable as well.

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