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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This is an article “All About Body Language” by Marc Primo Warren

There’s no doubt that body language is a huge factor whenever we communicate with others. Doing it properly adds to our charisma and helps us convey what we really want to tell other people. It can also reflect confidence and leave a lasting impression to the people we converse with. Simply put, body language is communication without words that can inspire and create an appeal to who we really are as an individual.

While words do tell a whole lot about a person, it’s one’s body language that speaks the loudest. People look into this non-verbal form of communication in both personal and professional aspects of life because it comes with physical expressions such as mannerisms that are triggered by instinct rather than consciousness. And that type of communication can tell us a lot.

Here are some tips you can master so you can use body language to your advantage:

Be mindful of your hand and body movements

These visual cues—from simple gestures to posture to eye contact—give out strong messages to your receiver just as how verbal communication does. For example, you can build trust with how you use your hands or put people at ease with your body movements whenever you are tasked to do a speaking engagement.

Confident speakers remain calm onstage by only using their hands in gentle gestures to prove important points in their speeches. They mostly stay still when on a podium but walk around the stage to address members of the audience when presenting something on the screen. Using space allows you to control the room and lead your audience’s attention to a point you are making. Always remember that even if you are silent, you are still giving out some messages to your audience.

React appropriately

We all react to different things and being conscious about your non-verbal cues is definitely important when speaking to other people. It would be a bit awkward to jump in excitement when your boss tells you you’ve been promoted rather than keeping yourself composed and reserved, receiving the good news with no more than a smile.

Your non-verbal cues express how attentively you listen to what the other person is telling you and it can also complement your words to convey whether you are sincere or don’t care at all. Keeping your body language aligned with what you say increases trust and verbal clarity that helps your receiver understand your point of view.

Study great keynote speakers with flawless body language like Tony Robbins, Dwayne Johnson, or Oprah Winfrey and note how they remain sensitive to their audience reactions and conscious of their own.

Learn the COCC Formula for Public Speaking

Even the most experienced keynote speakers can still experience stage fright when talking to a large audience. If you are scheduled to speak onstage sometime soon, mastering the COCC Formula can definitely help you get your message across without a hitch.

Being calm, open, clear, and confident (COCC) is a standard practice for most public speakers. This simply teaches you to keep a calm stance throughout the presentation with your hands neatly placed on your sides unless driving a point, keeping an open mind to your audience’s reaction and mood, being verbally clear on the points and messages you want to make, and exuding confidence to effectively drive those points home.

However, don’t be too self-conscious about how you move onstage when public speaking as this may give a more confusing impression for your audience. Try to stay free with your movements by focusing on your verbal messages rather than your movements and you’ll soon discover how easy it really is to communicate with a larger audience. Being comfortable with yourself, alert in how you react to your audiences, and strong in how you deliver your messages are the main factors that can help you communicate more effectively to your audience.

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