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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “Best Print Design Trends for 2020” by Marc Primo Warren

Designs change as fast as the seasons and for those in print, always being a step ahead on what’s fresh and relevant is a must. From statement shirts to the use of fonts, keeping up with the latest print design trends while peeking outside the box makes all the difference.

Print design will always matter. Whether you are into creating logos or making wedding invitations, how you put every element in place should create an appeal and connection with whoever encounters the design. We all have our own say with the designs we see everyday and those that stick to us become part of our lives and personality.

For 2020, here are the top trends for print you may want to check out.

Crude and naked

Books are one of the best things where we see print designs. Even in recent years, more printers have experimented with crude presentations for books like string binders that hold pages together, or contrasting colors that show off a brand’s characteristics.

However, the crudeness stops where quality begins. The idea is to fashion print in a way that it gives off that DIY impression but remains well-designed and high-end. This print trend continues to develop with novel additions like embossed text on flat surface materials or loose threads that complement overall visuals. Somehow, exposing the skeleton of the print design seems appealing to most youths these days and Swiss binding-- wherein the text block is sewn inside a book’s back cover to expose its colorful threads, is definitely back in business.

Clear colors

Colors have a lot to do with how a brand markets itself. Advertising designers are going gaga over colors to make their brand logo stand out from the competition while still being able to convey their messages.

In 2020, bold colors are the most prevalent alternative with people craving for louder and brighter designs in printed products. While some still go to the extent of bringing back traditional printing processes like offsetting, letterpress, or silk screen using neon and fluorescent inks, digital is creating more vivid colors in print design more than ever. More printers are mixing in bright hues like yellow, pink, violet, and green as spot colors for five to six-color palette designs that can really call attention.

Foil prints

Foil is coming back to print with a bang thanks to the latest technologies that allow wider range from short to long print runs. Adding extra shine to your prints compliments its overall look, but that depends on which design you’re working on.

When doing some tactile printing, hot foil stamping would be the best process to do for a nice impression on paper. On the other hand, larger foil images require the cold foil process which is usually used for magazines and big folding cartons to give them a glossy shine.

For digital designers who want to experiment with foil prints, less die, plate or film is required for printed pieces. When doing short to medium print runs, digital is more appropriate as it gives you more room for variable-data foiling and doesn’t need any pressure to cast print designs onto the material.

Print creation technology

Designers will continue to create and the freedom that modern printing technology offers such as foil substrates, digital printing, and color experimentation gives them the opportunity to come up with unique visual spectacles.

Keeping abreast with print trends and tech are the keys to land more clients and promote your expertise. Join in on design conversations and hone your creativity to produce more appealing prints and one-of-a-kind designs. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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