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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “Blogging for Photographers” by Marc Primo Warren

Thanks to the internet, more photographers are now able to showcase their talents through blogs for potential jobs and projects. With thousands of blogs online, making your photography blog stand out can be a challenge, and an important one at that if you want to make a profit. Most professionals would say that part of the service is putting that personal touch on each snapshot. Clients place their trust on photographers to capture the most important moments of their lives in clear and creative pictures, and blogging is one of your most essential tools to earn that trust.

Why is blogging so important if you’re a photographer? For one, it gives you the opportunity to create an online presence that lets you boost your value to clients. It gives your followers a glimpse of your creative process and a chance to marvel your gallery that could influence their decision in hiring you.

To set up a photography blog that highlights your portfolio, here are a few tips you might want to check out:

Establish your purpose

Whether you are looking to get hired or simply trying to make a name for yourself as an expert photographer, being clear on why you’re putting up your blog gives your audience the direction you are currently taking. It creates for them a coherent story of your inspirations and motivations which also allows you to control your own online narrative.

Provide categorized themes that can emphasize your style, technique, and signatures and include compelling notes on what inspired you to take your photos. Giving your audiences more than just visuals can also make you a notable thought leader in the world of photography if you get a significant number of subscribers for your blog.

Choose an audience

After you’ve established your blog’s purpose, it’s time to consider who your audience should be. People have different tastes and your style and technique can get more online boost if you identify the right ones in the market. If you’re an expert wedding photographer, you might want to feature your previous works and create backlinks on wedding websites or blogs.

While most photo bloggers miss identifying the right audiences for their blogs, it’s important to connect with the right audience especially if you are blogging for business. Keep your content coherent to what type of services you’re selling online, determine the right keywords as well as accompanying articles that will keep your target audiences interested, and you’ll be able to engage the right people much faster.

Loop in Social Media

Last but not least, you’ll want to tie in your social media accounts, particularly for visual ones like Instagram to create more online traffic to your blog. Social Media is an entirely different tool that can help your blog attract more of the right audiences.

Review your social media settings so that every blog post is imported and posted to your accounts. That way, more can read about you and see your best works and give you a better chance to tap into lookalike audiences. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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