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Build Your Career as an SEO Copywriter

Updated: May 28, 2021

This is an article “Build Your Career as an SEO Copywriter” by Marc Primo Warren

‘The Breakfast of Champions, ‘Taste The Rainbow’, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’– these slogans are products of creative copywriting minds that have made a difference in the lives of millions (not to mention the companies that made millions out of them). And that’s just what copywriting is: the promise of a positive experience in a few words that compel people to try something different. With millions of brands looking to make their mark in their respective niches, copywriting jobs are very much in demand now and well into the future.

If you think you have the knack to jot down a few words that have the power to tell a brand’s story and influence potential customers, then why not try your hand in copywriting? Though it’s not easy to come up with memorable and effective copy that hits the right targets, knowing the right approaches in handling tasks and getting a pulse of the latest trends will certainly give you a fighting chance. In fact, it is now more than ever that a freelance revolution is allowing copywriters to carve out a living in both traditional and digital marketing.

Having the digital age dictate how most businesses are performing every aspect of their operations today, there is another essential that you should familiarize yourself with. Search engine optimization, or (SEO), in copy is driving more traffic to websites and landing pages for increased following and conversions that even traditional marketing cannot match.

Honing your advertising and digital marketing skills while adding the innate ability to choose a set of words that appeal to people’s emotions can give you the upper hand as a copywriter.

So, where should you start if you’re a newbie looking to get his feet wet? Start building your career as an SEO copywriter with these simple tips:

Write to influence and encourage action

Everything in SEO copywriting begins with the knowledge that you have to come up with ‘calls to action’ that can persuade a potential customer to buy a product or try a service.

Imagine a sales call only written down in digital form and made more appealing with some design elements that blend well with your copy. The marriage of words and art will always have a strong impact on an audience, especially if they know that these elements are targeting their very personalities.

In the 2009 documentary Art And Copy, filmmakers explore the connection between advertising and inspiration, dating back to the colorful decade of the ‘60s and into the new millennium. The film delves into how each of us has a certain degree of rebelliousness within that influences us to act towards our passions and try new things through persuasion rather than manipulation.

Creative advertising is to consumers as pop culture is to specific groups of fans who follow movie franchises that directly talk to them. Whether you are writing copy for digital organic or paid ads, radio and television scripts, TV jingles, or posters, knowing how each format can be a unique channel to influence a target audience is vital in everything you do as an SEO copywriter.

Not to be mistaken with content writing which is broader and more general, copywriting only requires a select number of words aimed at a specific target audience to generate interest whether in trendy lingo, potential catchphrases, or a simple well-written ‘come-on’. These sets of words or phrases should create consumer impulses that can influence them to spend their time and money.

In E-commerce marketing, copy for paid ads is usually created to direct potential audiences to a landing page where you can further stir their interest via content management. To achieve this, what you write should have an appeal to your target audience’s emotions by focusing on their search intent and addressing their pain points to encourage action.

Copywriting is a continuous development of skills

Being a wordsmith helps in copywriting, though learning the whole concept is not as easy as it sounds. Tasks require a continuous study of developments within a particular niche you are writing about, as well as new trends and techniques that evolve through time.

For example, copy like ‘these filters are just what the doctors ordered’ surely won’t fly these days, now that many frown upon the hazardous effects of smoking on one’s health. But it seemed like it did for LM cigarettes in the early ‘60s when the company claimed that their triple filters removed harmful smoke elements while still retaining flavor.

In modern times when many people are getting an overload of information on both social and traditional media, copywriting should always be anchored on truth, honesty, and integrity. This is not only because it’s a moral obligation of a brand to the consuming public, but also because copy created with these values in mind tend to serve as magnets in gaining public loyalty and a positive brand reputation.

Nurturing your copywriting skills begins with stirring your creative juices in different ways. Try upgrading your know-how in digital marketing or learn art elements that tell stories without words. Of course, widening your vocabulary in formal language and specific lingo is vital, and being a pop culture geek helps a lot too!

How to land your first copywriting project

If you are determined to snag your first copywriting job, polishing your skills in learning about brands and how consumer behavior works is as important as getting into short-term online courses that can constantly help you upgrade your writing prowess. Increasing your knowledge power also requires your familiarity with different target markets and marketing funnel models.

When you apply for a job, expect your clients to look for a portfolio that you can compile by drafting a couple of mock samples of prominent or made-up brands complete with laid-out art and copy. You may also advertise these via online job hunt sites like Upwork or GetCraft. Once you land your first client, you can build your portfolio further from there.

Oftentimes in copywriting, the passion and determination to make a difference in a brand’s marketing success are all it takes to build a successful career. Good work leads to recommendations and more projects, while continuously brushing up on your skills and talents can also most likely turn you into a copywriting authority in the industry.

If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren, our services, or just say ‘hi’, please reach out here.

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