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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This is an article “Everything You Need to Learn About Twitter’s 2020” by Marc Primo Warren

For every entrepreneur who uses Twitter as their main social media platform for business, learning about the latest updates that happened on the platform is essential to maximize their marketing results. While Twitter’s popularity has slowly waned during the early part of last year with fewer growth numbers, engagement figures have never been more impressive. While recent news places the platform on a divided light due to its recent lifetime ban on outgoing US president Donald Trump, Twitter still remains as one of the most influential platforms that can create talk and ignite new trends in various niche industries around the globe.

There’s no denying how Twitter can also open up new opportunities for brand management and user engagement because of how fast communication is on the platform. Customers can get quicker or real time responses from the brands they follow more than any other social media app and more importantly, it has come up with great improvements that can further help your business’s presence grow online.

Here are some of the latest upgrades you should check out on Twitter:

No more racial biases

In 2020, the social media platform registered 145 million monetizable daily users that prove its mettle when it comes to being a business-driven platform despite the global pandemic. What helped users choose Twitter over other apps is how the developers changed users’ address limitations via machine learning and improved context. What resulted is a decrease in racial biases in terms of automated image cropping after it was found that Twitter’s algorithm is pretty much biased on showing images of white people in previews.

Twitter then remedied this in October by revisiting how their system review biases and make it less reliant on machine learning-based auto-cropping, while giving more users more control on how they want their images to show on their feeds.

Reality check on retweets

Also during the fourth quarter of 2020, Twitter encouraged more users to review their tweets before pressing enter particularly on sensitive social topics, views and opinions. One update asks users to put quoted tweets with quotation marks to bring those that follow them to the original tweet. The platform has also encouraged more users to tweet their own thoughts and opinions more than just amplifying someone else’s tweet which can sometimes stagnate a conversation.

Users also enjoyed another update that prompts them to read entire articles and stories rather than just take in everything from the headlines. If a user tries to retweet an article without opening it, Twitter will display a prompt asking if they’d want to go on with their retweet or consider reading the entire story first. This update is highly effective in preventing the misinterpretation of facts among users because after all, Twitter is right about how ‘headlines don’t tell the whole story’.

More informative

Twitter also added an Explore section in September which can help users understand why a certain topic is currently trending before they go on and jump the bandwagon. This encourages users to create their own views on the various information available on the platform. The platform curates and pin trending tweets that users might be interested in via a comprehensive algorithm that also gives a brief description of the subject.

As 2021 rolls on, many are already seeing more improvements from Twitter particularly on how 2 billion users now prefer videos. Businesses delight in this development as Twitter videos are 50% less expensive in terms of cost per engagement while they enjoy more of the hashtag’s pulling power.

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