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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “Express Yourself Through Art” by Marc Primo Warren

Art has always been essential to human life. How it represents the many facets of reality helps our social and emotional developments while building our confidence. Our views on external and internal existences are manifested through drawings, poetry, visual design, and many other art forms throughout time that have made art one of the best media for expression.

For some people who are hesitant to get in touch with their artistic sides, expressing ideas can be a bit difficult without art. However, art is not solely exclusive to those who thrive in passion nor those classified as intellectuals. Every human being has an innate creativity within him that’s capable of conveying an appreciation for life.

If you feel that art has somehow escaped you as you’ve aged, tuning back in to your creative self is really not that difficult. To help you out, here are some relaxing ideas you can try out for starters.

Draw doodles

Doodles are by no means child’s play. They actually are proven practices to boost your creativity and productivity so don’t take your professor’s word for it when he told you how immature you were upon catching you immersing yourself in pen and paper during class. Doodles are really unfocused and random drawings when you are otherwise preoccupied with some other thought. But they are by no means nonsense as they can represent your abstract thoughts and can help you come up with fresh and stimulating ideas. Plus, doodles can also improve your mental health and also reduce stress levels.

Immerse yourself in an art gallery

If you find the time, one of the best ways to inspire yourself into coming back to the arts is by visiting a nearby art museum or gallery. Learning to appreciate various forms of art can hone your consistency in interpreting visual cues and messages while keeping your mind well-fed. Artwork is brain food and meant to be devoured, with a good serving of thought and a hint of creativity. Exhibits inspire your visual imagination, help you link mental connections, teach you about history and culture, and can offer you challenging puzzles to work on. With many artists out there from different generations, it’s a guarantee that you’ll come to like and relate to one who can inspire you to dabble in paints and palettes.

Learn to take pictures

If you are the tech type, learning the basics of photography can be one way to relax your mind and inspire your artistry as innovation blends with natural beauty. Purists will tell you to refrain from using photo apps and instead stick to analog cameras, though. But if you think you must, then go ahead and give them a try. The important thing is that you get back in touch with visual magic through the lens as they help you appreciate life more and give that side of your personality a chance when it comes to beauty and storytelling. Learning about filters, colors, and apertures is quite easy if you put your mind to it and embarking on an artistic project that captures still life can be truly rewarding.

Do a little retrospect

One of the best ways to get back to art is to channel your inner childhood and go back to your creative passions when you were a kid. Many of us have tried sketching or painting during our formative years but have somehow traded them for other pursuits. That doesn’t mean you can’t go back and try again as an adult, right?

Try to be playful, naughty, or simply recall happy memories and draw them on paper. It really doesn’t matter if you think it’s not good enough as most artists are their own worst critic. What you want to unleash is your suppressed creativity that can release your inhibitions and lead you outside your comfort zone. If sketching has never been your thing, try out other forms of art like singing, acting, or dancing-- there’s always some form of art you can do to express your inner self without having to spend too much. Enjoying yourself as you used to do when you were younger inspires the artist in you and can help you shape your true self even further. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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