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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This is an article “Getting the Most Out of Your Online Presence in 2021” by Marc Primo Warren

The online market has maintained its winning streak despite COVID-19 and marketers are now looking for new ways to thrive in 2021. While there are many opportunities out there, particularly for small and emerging businesses with a tight budget, scaling your strategies to boost your online presence could still be a huge challenge.

One important insight why you should continue amping up your online presence is how consumers have grown accustomed to shopping online. In fact, 2.05 billion people or a quarter of the world’s population go to their browsers to do some window shopping in the most literal sense. This year, this e-commerce number is expected to grow steadily, with 53.9% of purchases made using smartphones.

Whether people shop via social media, search engines, or websites, reaching your potential customers means positioning your brand positively amidst all the online traffic. How? Read on for some helpful tips.

Throw yourself in the competition

There’s no denying that online competition, no matter what product or service your offering, is tough. Practically every company out there has a plan to outrank their competitors with their respective digital marketing strategies and there are only a few spots that really make a difference.

Worry not if you are not on the top of the search results page. Instead, focus on taking yourself one notch up at a time as this could already increase your click-through rate by 30.8%. Optimizing your Google My Business listing can make a world of difference for your site as it makes you discoverable via search and Google Maps and show reviews to build your potential customers’ trust.

Don’t just sell your brand. Talk about it.

After getting yourself out there, gradually implement a strategy that not only establishes all the positives of your product or service but engages your followers as well. With this, you’ll need to identify who your target audience is and their behaviors and psychographics. What social media platform do they use? What are the other brands that catch their attention? What age range are they in? All of these factors will help you understand what they are looking for and how you can create an effective hook in terms of content to reel them in.

Being able to determine which group of people you are talking to makes it easier for you to find and encourage them to engage with you. Plus, you get to extend your target reach to similar audiences and include those in your marketing mailers for potential customers or followers.

Look for and tag more audiences

To make things clearer for you when it comes to engaging your audience, you’ll need to practice some Sun Tzu Art of War tactics along the way by infiltrating your target audience’s other preferences and posting your own messages in various social media accounts (not your competitor’s) so more can see you. Of course, not in a way that you’ll hard sell your brand but rather in a manner that can push your brand online and encourage more audiences to branch out to other alternatives.

The main objective here is to screen which lookalike audiences you can further tap and which social media channels you should invest more on this year. Display your messages on Facebook groups, online forums, Instagram influencer channels, and lifestyle blogs and discover your buyer personas from there. Remember, 2020 has pushed more people online and chances that your brand can find a large number of interested people can get higher this year.

Once you get to refine your content and engagement strategies according to what your audiences expect of you, your brand awareness and online presence will soon grow with more people asking about your product, testifying to your credibility within the niche, and engaging more followers. From that point on, the road towards a bigger online presence ahead will be so much easier to attain.

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