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Google Ads Extensions You Should Use Today

This is an article “Google Ads Extensions You Should Use Today” by Marc Primo Warren

We've repeatedly heard that content is king when it comes to marketing. However, no king can realize goals without the proper support that gets the work done. Google Ads extensions are among those on top of the digital marketing hierarchy, making your site more visible on the search results page.

Why do I have to use Google Ads extensions?

Most paid ads on Google only convert at an average of 4.4%. Even if you pay more to boost your paid ad's performance, you'll only be able to enjoy positive results in the short term.

Google Ads extensions enable you to tweak your non-performing ads until you produce one that has a more significant impact on your audiences without increasing your pay-per-click (PPC) bids. Each extension has the potential to give your paid ad up to a 15% uplift in click-through rates (CTR).

However, like toppings on your ice cream, these extensions come in many forms, and you have to choose the right ones for your campaigns. Whether you need to showcase user testimonials or add call-to-action (CTA) buttons, Google Ads extensions can make the most out of your sponsored results posts more than any other SEM tactic.

Let's look into the top five Google Ads extensions you should not be missing out on for better reach and traffic:


Including links to your landing pages within your sponsored posts makes it easier for users to know where to go next. Sitelinks and good CTAs are effective tour guides that lead users to your homepage and wherever else you'd like to take them within your site.

Your sitelinks are helpful soldiers who can increase your CTR up to 8%. These extensions provide better user experiences by not beating around the bush and giving users exactly what they need online.

These add-ons will reflect below your paid ad, and you can use them if you want to showcase your product collections, products on sale, customized orders, or other targeted CTAs. Maximize the allotted four links per post and provide the correct information for each category.

You can add sitelinks to your accounts, campaigns, and ad group levels. You can ensure that each channel is tightly linked if running a big website. Doing so can improve your paid ad's user experience and encourage users to explore more of your home or landing pages.

Structured snippets

These Google Ads extensions serve as your trusty ambassadors that introduce your king (content) to your target audiences. You can easily connect with more qualified leads and weed out poor ones by highlighting specific focus points that your landing pages offer, such as product information or various services.

Located within your paid ad content as specific information on types, styles, services, locations, or offers, structured snippets bring your landing page's value front and center. Use at least value snippets per 25-character limit and match the information you provide per headline. If you plan to implement an ad campaign for mobile, limit your characters per snippet to 12.

These Google Ads extensions can get you 35% of all clicks if you properly provide the correct information and CTAs for a specific buyer group.

Call extensions

Call extensions work best for their ad campaigns for businesses that offer specific services as it conspicuously displays their office's mobile and phone numbers on the paid ad. This additional information that appears beside your landing page link on the first line of your ad eliminates the unnecessary friction that turns off qualified leads and points them directly to your hotlines.

To manage expectations, you might also want to provide your availability and office hours on your call extensions so that your numbers won't reflect on your ad whenever you can't take calls. You should also enable call conversation reporting to gain metrics and insights for improved customer management.

These add-ons also enable users to get in touch with you with one click from the search results page, so make sure you include them for your mobile ad campaigns, which get 63% of today's organic searches. Just work on your customer relations skills because as soon as a potential customer calls you, whatever happens in that call is all up to you.

Lead form extension

When Google discontinued its message extensions back in early 2020, a Beta mode for lead form extensions was introduced for marketers to enable them to communicate with users easily from their ads. This helpful add-on streamlines the use process by doing away with paid ad CTAs to your landing page and only then allowing users to navigate for forms.

With lead forms integrated within your ad, you can get valuable user data such as names, contact info, city, and job details to contact them much faster than before. While managing these extensions remains challenging for 61% of today's elite marketers, they can give you better insights into what your target audiences want if done right.

Try adding them into your video ads, product catalogs, and collection displays for better results. Check back in on Google to download your .CSV files and perform follow-throughs for your qualified leads.

Location extensions

Another Google Ads essential you shouldn't miss out on are location extensions, especially if you have a physical store that you want to promote locally. These extensions will appear below the content of your paid ad highlighting your store's location and operating hours.

You may also add a mobile app link to Google Maps to give your target customers the right direction and increase more concrete in-store conversions. Bear in mind that of the total Google searches made, an average of 46% are questions about local information.

What's even more useful about these Google Ads add-ons is that they also help boost your brand online by displaying your credibility as a business. With the proper address, contact info, and map locations included in your paid ads, users can envision your brick-and-mortar stores and legitimacy in both online and offline markets.

After you've developed relevant and exciting content for your audience, these add-ons increase your clicks and provide more users with accurate information on how they can reach your site. Instead of allocating higher budgets to boost your paid ads, focus on delivering a better user experience through Google Ads extensions to gain more rewards from the platform and higher click-through rates.

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