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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “How to be an Authority Online” by Marc Warren

For companies wishing to establish their online presence, drawing a line between branding and creating online authority is an essential part of attaining success. Knowing that building authority takes a lot more effort than simply getting your brand out there goes beyond creating a blog or social media account. If you’ve heard of the phrase ‘content is king’, then you already know that you can hit two birds (branding and authority) with one stone when it comes to effective digital marketing.

Yes, content!

People look for things that will entertain and interest them, and help them with their needs. This is why blogs are an important aspect in building authority online. When people start to visit your blog for its fresh, useful, and one-of-a-kind content, Google ranks you high up its search engine results page (SERPs) so that more netizens can find you online. It also makes you credible which gives online users the impression that you are being recommended by hundreds and thousands of people online and absolutely deserves a click. Make sure you update your content and keep things interesting from your key visuals to your keywords, to your topics and angles as these are what Google is always on the lookout for.

Did you know that almost 90% of SEO-related traffic is from Wordpress? That said, you might want to keep yourself updated on new features and tips from the platform as well if you want to boost your SEO management. Keeping yourself in the rat race via these updates, complementing them with trending topics for moment marketing, and providing your visitors with worthy reads and visuals will get your links shared and significant traction. Try coming up with thought leadership articles and get your boss the online presence he needs as the face of your brand. Just make sure you fact-check everything you put out there and back them up with proper annotations (you can do this with footnotes or backlinks), as necessary. If you spread fake news and facts via your blog, you can say goodbye to being a credible source for online users and wash your online authority dreams down the drain even with just a single post.

Try guest posting

Caring is sharing and that has never been more true in digital marketing. To be an authority, you’d want to share as many insights as you can to as many people you can reach. Of course, without spilling out your valued trade secrets online.

This brings us to the concept of guest blogging or tapping another influential blog where you can post your own content to reach a wider audience. These audiences are those who are within your B2B and B2C marketing funnels. The main goal is to find potential markets that are considered to be lookalike audiences, (granted that your main target market is your audience for your own blogs).

Lookalike audiences are those who might be interested in your brand, product, or service, based on the similarities they share with your main audiences.

The next step is to create compelling content that can reel them into your own blogs where you can start convincing them that they need what you have to offer. For this audience, you’d want to create content that can disrupt their daily routines or those that can encourage them to be adventurous and take a chance at what they really deserve (your brand). The best way to attain shares, engagement, and good online traffic from these audiences is through guest posts, so be sure to credit the blog owners accordingly.

You can do the same by encouraging others to guest post on your own blogs so you can have a treasure trove of references and information about how audience behavior works. You can then use these as future backlinks that you can integrate within your content to gain more social traction in between sites. Again, sharing is caring and it will give you great mileage if you know how guest posting strategies work online as you build an authority.

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