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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “ How to Create a Facebook Page for Better Online Presence” by Marc Primo Warren

There’s no doubt about how Facebook has become one of the most essential social media platforms for today’s businesses. With a huge audience of 2.4 billion monthly users, it has also become a vital marketing tool that’s worth mastering for better online presence.

About 70% of Facebook’s total user population do business on the platform. From paying sites a visit to making transactions, everyone who is in need of something is on Facebook at least once a week. Businesses who are looking to boost their online presence can definitely find potential customers on the platform via a clear and focused business page that gives their brand the online personality it needs.

For 2020, when things in business have been shaken up quite a bit, here are two tips to gain better online presence on the world’s number one social media platform.

Set up a hardworking business page

There’s more to a Facebook business page than just posting content, backlinks, and communicating with an audience. Though setting up a business page is free, it entails a lot of work to make it function like a useful marketing tool that can lead to more engagement and conversion.

Creating a business page allows you to specify what you have to offer online by simply choosing a page type whether it's for business or community, and entering your details.

Choose the most appropriate brand images for your profile and cover photos and complete your page information sheet using the 255-character limit as description. Make sure you also provide your contact information, operating hours, privacy policy, map, or price range as you see fit.

Proceed to setting up your Vanity URL or your Facebook username, not exceeding 50 characters and using a brand name you intend to use across all social media networks. Last but not the least, create a call to action button (click add button under your cover photo), to give your target audience easier access to reach and communicate with you.

Review your Facebook posts

Once you’ve created your Facebook page, you can now start with a content management plan that you think will attract more followers to your page and create engagement.

Status posts are the very basic ones you can start with as you won’t need photos or videos to make them stand out. You can insert backlinks to your site or opt to do how most businesses would by posting relevant open-ended questions for their audiences to get more comments and feedback.

Photo posts, on the other hand, are designed to build better engagement and recall among your followers than status posts. It is certainly the best way to showcase your product line or push your brand’s personality via visuals that would appeal to your audiences.

Video posts can add more appeal to your page and can get you more visibility as they automatically play on Facebook News Feeds. Make it short (even seven seconds can be enough), and straight to the point unless you have a more strategic content plan in place.

However, if you want real-time engagement with your audience, live video posts can give a human element to your brand and allow you to share updates, announcements, and your latest offers for faster turnaround results.

Lastly, linked content posts are easier Facebook posts that can get you better engagement than status posts, but not as much as photo or video posts. By simply providing a link on your status box to other content that’s not on Facebook, the platform can automatically generate a meta description and photo that compliments your page.

Once you’ve created your business page on the platform and have built relevant content through your posts, you can now proceed with the use of Facebook ads or such other paid marketing strategies that can help give your page the proper push it needs and perhaps, better Google search rankings as well. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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