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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This is an article “How to Get More Comments For Your Instagram Posts” by Marc Primo Warren

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms out there where brands can effectively connect with consumers. As people were forced to stay home during COVID-19 lockdowns, online entities and commercial companies have resorted to driving their social media efforts harder—and many are seeing handsome results from no less than Instagram.

Increasing your number of followers on Instagram is one of the most important factors that can create a positive difference for your online presence. Engaging them and encouraging them to share their ideas and thoughts in the comments section better shows everyone how your brand is growing and being talked about.

If you are currently struggling with getting your followers to interact with you online, here are some tips that will turn things around, fast.

Do promotional campaigns

If you have the budget for a simple giveaway or an online contest, you can be sure to see spikes in your online presence health as quite a lot of people online are interested in such experiential promos. The longer you can sustain a campaign, the more followers you can get to comment on your posts. Try to ask them questions such as “what do you like best?” or place a ‘call to action’ phrase on your caption like “share us your thoughts”. The more compelling your giveaway promo is, the more comments you gain from those who are vying for the prize.

Instagram Takeover

Some brands have also gained good numbers by simply hosting an ‘Instagram Takeover’ wherein one user takes on the feed of another for a period of time. If you have influencers on your side, ask them to answer your follower’s comments for a day and see if that works for your online presence figures. Just make sure you offer brilliant content and give your influencer a simple walkthrough on how they should address your followers before letting them takeover to get those comments pouring in.

Catch them by surprise

One effective way to engage your followers and get more comments on your posts is by applying an element of surprise. Posting some humorous but well-branded content or socially compelling insights to share with your fans usually does the job and can even earn you more lookalike audiences. Just make sure that what you post, regardless if it’s an ad or a simple Instagram post, won’t offend anyone but rather offer thoughtful, funny or provoking art and copy. Otherwise, you might just find yourself deeper in social media limbo with people unfollowing you by the minute due to one wrong post.

Be aggressive with you videos

Now is the time to be serious about video. With Instagram allowing users to post via Stories, IGTV, and Live, engagement numbers rose to 53% over the year. That’s because videos offer users more visually appealing content than mere images, while also allowing brands to get more in-depth with their ads.

With a generous 60-second allowance on video posts, you can give your followers more information and the opportunity to reflect on your messaging more intently.

However, you need to learn one trick here. Instagram users often just scroll through videos which fail to catch their attention, so be sure you post intriguing thumbnails and capture their attention for the first 4 seconds of your videos. This way, they won’t think it’s a waste of time to view your entire post and be more excited about your next one. If you are able to capture their attention, the comments will start pouring and give you an idea on what videos to post next. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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