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  • Marc Primo Warren

How to Optimize Your Online Presence via Social Signals

This is an article “How to Optimize Your Online Presence on Social Media” by Marc Primo Warren

Regardless of your business scale, social media search engine optimization (SEO) is essential in boosting your online presence and getting the most out of your brand’s value. Giant platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter make it possible for businesses to engage with consumers, providing them with an opportunity to increase their loyalty while also generating the right social signals through analytics that can help you improve your marketing strategies and SEO rankings.

Measuring the social signals that your website or social media content receives matter even if they are not considered as metrics that determine your search engine rankings. However, every share, like, comment, or review can do more to improve your SEO efforts. Tracking your organic traffic performance via your social signals can give you an advantage in a very competitive online marketplace as they can help determine your competitors’ behaviors, monitor online interactions, connect with the right audiences, and help you come up with insight-driven solutions that will improve your SEO position on Google.

To further optimize your online presence on various social media platforms, here’s a list of tips that can make a huge difference:

Link your landing pages

One of your main goals when doing some SEO work on social media is to effectively link your posts to your website’s landing pages. Writing compelling copy and captions and including your website links can drive users to your website for more engaging interactions with your brand and perhaps increase conversions.

One way to improve your backlinking is by identifying credible pages where you can share your links so that you broaden your reach to more lookalike audiences. Such reliable backlinks also increase your position on search engine results pages (SERP) which ultimately means better lead generation.

Publish compelling content

Any SEO practitioner cannot stress this enough. The better you produce compelling content on your social media posts, the greater you can generate social signals. Always go the extra mile in making your content more interesting and relevant to your target audience and review the elements that can make them more appealing.

Sharing content with high engagement rates also allows you to be highly visible to more new users with whom you can build online relationships. Add more elements to your social media posts such as call-to-action phrases or similar statements that can elicit a reaction, response, or comment.

Giving your followers more quality than quantity is always better as content that addresses their pain points and interests is the reason why they are online most of the time. Resorting to a volume of low-quality content for frequency’s sake will only give you more work and fewer results for your SEO efforts.

Adding plugins (or those small social media icons that usually sit below every web page) to your high-quality blog posts also allows your readers to instantly share your post on other social media platforms. This is yet another efficient way wherein you can optimize your online presence as plugins immediately transform your website and landing pages into an SEO hub of high-quality content which your followers can readily disseminate via their official social media pages.

Maximize both off and online collaborations

In any business, collaboration is essential in expanding your brand’s network and potential. The same goes for your social media SEO strategy. Since the birth of influencer marketing in 2006, more brands have been working to tie up with other reputable companies and individuals that have a significant online following which they can tap into.

Hiring influencers that can represent your brand, product, or service can increase your Google rankings quickly provided that you have identified the right buyer personas. SEO marketing always appeals to communities on social media that share the same interests and working with the right brands and influencers can lead more potential customers to your website.

When choosing who to work with, make sure they are credible influencers and brands that also have an active social media engagement with lookalike audiences. Ask them to include your backlinks within their posts so you can gain better social signals and an increase in your website traffic.

Perform social listening

Your SEO efforts will always be a two-way street and the amount of feedback you gain whether via analytics or social signals are important to determine your online presence performance. Attentively listening to your social signals will tell you if you’re preaching to the right choir, how you can achieve a big boost on your website traffic, and which social media platforms or channels are most effective to post your ads, blog articles, and other content.

It’s as simple as getting the pulse of your community so you can further share more content that establishes your online authority. You can perform market research and discover your audience’s purchasing behaviors, pain points, and online patterns through effective social listening then adjust your content management accordingly.

This also gives you ample leverage to build genuine relationships with your audiences to retain brand interest and get more feedback from them in the future, not to mention a positive reputation in the online marketplace.

Start interacting with the right audience on the right platforms

Knowing which social signals to collate and use to plan your SEO strategy can get you more significant impacts from your audiences and higher ranks on Google Search. Social media is a treasure trove of data where you can build brand awareness and engagement by regularly posting well-thought-out content for a specific demographic. It’s all about how you communicate with your audiences which also depends on which online venue is most effective for your messaging.

Is your brand more appealing visually? Then go with Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. Or will your brand appear more engaging via community discussions on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter? Knowing which platform is the perfect one to establish your online authority is winning half the battle, while the better half lies on how good you are at analyzing social signals.

If you want to get higher conversion rates from ranking high in SERPs, learning to use your backlinks, working with the right networks, publishing high-quality content, and attentively listening to your audience’s feedback are all you need to optimize your online presence in more digital channels and platforms in the virtual space.

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