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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “Make Money Out of Live Streaming” by Marc Primo Warren

So much has changed since live video gaming platform Twitch bolstered the popularity of live streaming. These days, creating such content is not exclusive to playing video games and becoming influencers in the process anymore. Today, live streaming has become another lucrative revenue stream for those who are not afraid to go on cam.

While most live streamers probably joined this trend as a hobby, many individuals have turned it into day jobs where they get paid while being able to establish an online presence and maintain a steady following. From doing lifestyle vlogs to teaching certain skills and techniques, live streaming via the now many social media platforms around like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, has become a good advertising and e-commerce tool.

Interested in trying out some live streaming yourself? Here are some of the most helpful tips out there that will get you started.

Put in the work

Most would agree that it’s relatively easy to start live streaming content on any platform. What’s challenging, though, is how you can pull in a significant amount of followers to get paid. You’ll certainly have to put time, effort, energy, and good planning into the mix to get into Twitch’s top 5,000 live streamers who reap 75% of its total viewing time. So, when it comes to competition and creativity, how much smarts and work you put in for your content will always be important factors for your live streaming arsenal.

Get tips

Most live streamers create extra earnings by asking for donations or tips from their followers. Before you do this, make sure you give them something back like useful instructional videos or how you can help them solve their problems. Going live online without any direction on where you’re headed won’t really get you anywhere, so be ready and plan the right content for the right audience.

Once people take notice of how helpful or entertaining your live stream is, it will be so much easier to get more shares and likes through word-of-mouth (or in this case, word-of-keyboard). The more you get viewers, the more the tips via specialized cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, or similar integrated services within platforms such as Super Chat, Bits, and Stars. A Twitch streamer who has 800,000 followers, and an average daily hit of 10,000 can make around $20,000 base salary a month, so what are you waiting for?

Earn from ad revenues

Another way to fund and earn from live streaming is by using ads. This cycle of paying and earning through advertising powers around 57% of the internet today, so it only makes sense to post your own ads for better online presence awareness in other social media platforms like Google or Facebook.

But, it’s not as easy as it may sound. Make sure you choose the right social media platform wherein you can reach both direct and lookalike audiences. YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch all offer ad placements but cater to different demographics of varied interests. Also, to boost what you’re selling via ads, post relevant and engaging content on your own channels and social media accounts so your target audiences won’t block your ads when they encounter them. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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