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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This is an article “Scary Hues for Halloween” by Marc Primo Warren

It’s difficult to accept that Halloween this year has been pretty much cancelled, no thanks to COVID-19. Trick or treating as we know it won’t be possible due to social distancing guidelines and the new unexciting meaning of ‘masks’ in 2020, especially during a season when most people want to unleash their creativity. But don’t let dressing up for Hallows’ Eve deter you as you can still showcase your costumes and brilliant design ideas online to keep the season of fright truly awesome!

Marc Primo Warren Halloween
Marc Primo Warren Halloween

Every Halloween, colors undoubtedly take the spotlight along with ingenious DIY ideas. But is there really such a thing as scary colors? Many might think that black will always be the color for the season, with red being a close second. However, mixing up your hues this year can be more exciting since cosplay has become part of popular culture in recent years.

To give you fantastic ideas for your Halloween costume this year, here are some scary hues you’ll want to check out:

Black, red, and grey

Nothing else will beat the black monochrome as the premiere color for Halloween in America. Black’s dark and devilish shade can instantly cast an ominous vibe to whoever encounters Dracula, the Black Swan, or Maleficent on their screens. That’s because black has long been associated with night and the veil that separates the living from the dead.

Give your black costume a boost with shades of blood red and dark grey a la Dr. Frank-N-Furter of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and put on the attention-grabbing make up as well. No doubt you’ll not only turn heads, but also give a loud shout out to the eccentric ‘70s pop culture scene for new generations to appreciate.

Red, Orange and Cinnamon

For sure, scarlet red will also be one of the main color attractions during halloween for how it symbolizes blood and brings out the spooks in whatever costume you don. Perhaps mixing in a couple of pumpkin orange will give it a certain mystery, or the earthy color of cinnamon can also draw parallels between the living and the dead.

Cool costume ideas for this particular color palette include the evil doll Chucky from the Child’s Play horror movie franchise, or that creepy little girl Charlie Graham from Hereditary.

Bright Neon colors

Who said that only dark colors stand out during Halloween? With the many fascinating movie and comic characters to take on for some cosplay action today, bright neon colors such as fluorescent blues, greens, yellow, and purple can also turn heads if you get your costumes right.

Take for example the many Pokemon cosplayers around the world who wear their yellows and reds boldly. Other good ideas for bright neon colors are villainous takes on Mystique, Harley Quinn, or The Mask. Wearing this color palette gives off a fresh flavor to the usual Halloween sights, while also reminding pop culture fans the versatility of costume designs.

No matter what colors you choose, making sure that your costumes are spot on with the characters you picked for Halloween is what will truly win you more treats. Being meticulous with exact color matches is also very important if you want to really gain attention from friends, family, and online. Clumsy DIYs won’t get you much candy, especially if it looked like you didn’t put much effort to celebrate the season, so pick your colors and materials well. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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