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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “The Importance of Graphic Design in Your Online Presence” by Marc Primo Warren

Why do companies spend significant slices of their budgets on marketing and advertising? That’s to simply stand out from the competition. The same goes when you want to boost your online presence in the digital sphere and one way to establish your own brand is by incorporating specific elements in graphic design. Elements that will help promote, gain following, and build strong recall on the internet.

Regardless if you are starting the process of creating your online presence or a small business aiming to gain more traction on the web, graphic design is an effective and quick way to reach higher search rankings. Time and again, small businesses that have struggled with sales were rescued out of the water by professional graphic design and you can certainly do better if you start off with the right approach.

More art than copy

If content is king, then social media is the palace. Boosting your online presence means building followers to your social media sites as well as subscriptions to your blogs and websites. How you cut through all the noise depends on your content, graphic design, and which platform you choose to focus on.

Right now, more social media networks are gaining more users aside from the big three of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter such as Linkedin, Reddit, or Pinterest. The best thing about these social media apps is that you can attract more followers with a good and consistent graphic design library which you can post across all platforms.

On Facebook, compelling visuals, whether static or video, can give you more than twice the number of engagement from users. Posting clear and relevant art and copy can grow your audience nowadays because users prefer more visuals and tend to be influenced by what they see than read. Make your copywriting short, simple, and interesting then complement them with graphics that tell a story and you’ll not only gain more engagement but increase your brand awareness in the process.

Tell your story

One of the bigger challenges you’ll most likely encounter when dealing with graphic design for content is how you can effectively tell your brand’s story in minimal text and compelling visuals.

Start by drafting a coherent flow of your brand's story on paper that encapsulates your mission, vision, values, and purpose then align the messaging behind your logos, icons, taglines, palettes, and font choices. Always bear in mind that your design elements should always tell a story when collectively plotted as an image or video to raise awareness among your audiences and create appeal.

Another important approach in telling your story is by applying color psychology in your marketing efforts, as well as shape and typography designs. Knowing how people usually react to elements in your visuals will enable you to tell your story in a better and much easier to absorb manner.

Create presentations with impact

What else makes graphic design so important for your online presence? Grabbing representations of figures and charts rely on good visual elements that both make technical things easier to understand and show your credibility. If you are engaged in business with investors and suppliers, giving them a good overview of your pitch decks, data, and reports makes for a clearer and effective way to communicate with them.

Most business owners use graphic design in their presentations to increase funding and gain more partnerships in the process. Simply copying and pasting data from worksheets and powerpoint slides are not appealing enough and worse, can only confuse your audience. With good visuals and accompanying copies, you can push the way you do business with your partners to a much higher level. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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