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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “The PR Sense in Your Online Presence” by Marc Primo Warren

Digital PR is one of those marketing strategies you can’t do without, especially if you’re just starting out in establishing your online presence. Though there are many similarities to traditional PR, this new wave of audience-based strategy allows a much wider reach with the use of new tactics that really connect people to your site.

Those who are already well-versed with how digital marketing works in boosting online presence are familiar with such tactics as search engine optimization, content management, social media, and influencer marketing. When compared to its traditional counterpart, Digital PR can be more engaging to levels that communities are born from conversations about your brand while creating focus and well-channeled updates and news for the right audiences in real time.

Read on to find out how Digital PR can really help you boost your online traffic and online presence.

Traditional vs. Digital

In the pre-internet days, PR included organizing with writers to get highlighted in various publication distributions. Back then, a PR specialist’s objective was to spend a significant amount of time getting their customers’ content on broadsheets, magazines, radio, and TV. Today, a great number of marketers have shifted their focus on digital PR - regularly finding higher engagement and readership on online platforms, yet still utilizing conventional PR as a focal point.

With the development of the web, there are a lot more potential ways to advance a business’s branding and online presence. Present day PR incorporates a wide assortment of promoting prospects, for example, being met by online distributions, expanding your online visibility, and utilizing the power of social media for community-driven engagement that can offer real-time feedback and faster communication between the business and its audiences.

Digital PR Tactics

These days, and thanks to the internet, there are countless opportunities for a business to push their online presence. However, there is a need to integrate traditional PR with how social media management and content marketing work. Digital PR agencies then use these evolved tactics to target the right audiences to optimize a business’s digital marketing strategies.

From releasing online press releases to establishing a network with reputable online journalists and bloggers, to applying SEO tools that makes your content marketing more efficient, Digital PR calls for a meticulous review of what tools and opportunities are available online to come up with the exact needs of the business to achieve proper branding.

How Digital PR can benefit your brand

When you start your journey in digital transformation, you should always work in improving your branding and increasing your online presence. Recognizing the right tools and tactics for a particular campaign can greatly help you achieve this, of course, always relying on analytics that can give you the proper business insights.

Primarily, shifting to Digital PR can boost your online traffic via efficient content management which you can realize by reaching the right audiences. Aim to get posted on high authority sites to improve your SEO rankings and get you closer to the right keywords to reach more audiences.

Another opportunity that Digital PR can offer your business is to mark you as an industry thought leader when they see you in high-authority sites more frequently which can lead to more engagement, loyalty, conversions and sales. Short to say that Digital PR covers all aspects of a business’s customer journey that can build a significant following and strong online presence.

Whether you find the need to hire a third party digital marketing agency or adapt to a DIY approach, practicing PR online to boost your online presence can be so much easier these days with the many available platforms and tactics around. All it really takes is to familiarize yourself with the current marketing trends and mastering how online tools work in terms of meeting your audiences’ expectations. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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