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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “The Top Color Trends This 2020” by Marc Primo Warren

If you are a member of the Generation Z group which makes up 40% of today’s total consumer population, you might not have been aware of that time in marketing when bright and vibrant primary colors took center stage in the ‘80s and those neutral and moody hues of the ‘90s were the champs of shopping. As a new decade unfolds (albeit in gloomy fashion), the color trend is one thing we can surely hang on to if only for the way they represent the signs of the times.

To this day, color impressions still last and are more noticeable in our consumer-driven culture than the products themselves or their shapes. Of course, every marketing expert knows that classic colors will always stay but design settings evolve as fashion does, and at a faster rate at that.

Worry not as here are five current color trends that are making waves in today’s marketing spectrum.

Glowing Neons

When exploring color trends, especially in the fields of fashion and marketing, you might as well have a crystal ball to know what’s coming up. Fortunately, color experts have told us that color trends are also products of the past and making a comeback are glowing neons which also made a mark during the ‘80s. Thanks to nostalgic productions like Stranger Things and ‘80s-inspired video games, today’s generation is getting reacquainted with neon color trends that they find in logos, book covers, and product packaging. And it looks like it’s here to stay, based on how the word ‘retro’ is also making a comeback.

Transparent Colors

This color trend traces its origins from pastels of previous years, turning into layered, and see-through overlays that give you a feeling of lightness and softness. Blending these transparent colors give off an intriguing yet visually appealing element in posters or album covers, making them glow apparently as you play with their opacities. Perhaps Adobe Photoshop has finally become mainstream and has brought out this color trend for many to experiment with.


Integrating vintage colors with modern hues gives us a color palette that brings out the subjects in our designs because people will always be nostalgic when it comes to color. Colors like mustard and cream, or retro layers of old film, chromatic or sepia combined with vibrant contrasts against pastel colors bring out a fresh film to your designs, yet bring you back to familiar tones of the past.


With 55% of consumers preferring to shop via their mobile devices, the color scheme ‘dark mode’ which is intended for better user experience and lesser strain on the eyes, became a staple for web developers and designers. Not only does it promote visual wellness and energy efficiency, but it also paved the way for a more fascinating design template. By playing with predominant black, grey, and white monochromes, contrasts make text and graphics pop from the background, making artworks more appealing and easy to digest.

Classic Blue

Remember when we said that classic colors will always be around? This year’s Pantone Color of the Year Classic Blue (or 19-4052) remains to be one of the most soothing and timeless shades of all time. With a hue that sits between middle and deep blue, we get a feeling of honesty and security from the shade to make us more confident and relaxed at the same time. Come to think of it, Classic Blue is perfect for today’s times as it gives us a sense of tranquility and trust, which many of us need right now.

Color diversity makes the world go round and while we are all experiencing a different kind of challenge in 2020 given the current pandemic, color integrated with art continues to serve its purpose by keeping as going as we push for more efficient messaging and communication until we return to some semblance of normalcy.

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