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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “Tips on Giving Your Business a Boost Online” by Marc Primo Warren

If you are running a small business that needs a much needed boost online, simply setting up a website and social media accounts won’t really be enough to create more online traffic. The first things you have to put out there are those unique characteristics that your brand and product can really offer before you can really give it a good push into the screens of people’s laptops and mobile devices.

Based on the experiences of small businesses that have successfully set up their respective online marketing strategies, making your business visible amidst a sea of online competitors takes calculated steps from planning to execution. Most also said that learning new trends and tools are essential if you want to achieve a well-rounded presence on the internet.

Learn from them through these tips that will help your small business take off in no time!

Plan your content creation

Creating new content regularly requires a lot of planning as you would want to maintain interest for your business’s website or social media accounts. Uploading articles and posts on what your business is all about and the products and services you offer is not just a one-time thing you can leave behind and wish to lay golden eggs. Unfortunately, it’s not really a passive chore. Continuous production of various posts such as images, video, carousel, static, or simple captions create more active engagement with your audience who will always be looking forward to learning new things about your business through your site.

Try drafting an editorial content calendar so you can do proper moment marketing online. For example, if your business is food service, you may want to keep watch of what’s in season or for religious holidays when you can’t serve certain dishes and discuss or offer something to your followers via posts. This way, you can continue to be the topic of their conversation and even build a community of followers in the long run.

Make use of video tools

As mentioned earlier, video tools can get you a lot of mileage in terms of online traffic but that’s only if you have the right chops to produce one. If you think you have an ample dose of creativity within you, producing video posts can be a fun way to get your business some proper online mileage, reach more followers, and generate higher leads.

Keep in mind that when creating video content, it doesn’t always have to be about specific details of your business or product. Do some storytelling and use your videos as ways that can help solve your audience’s problems by using what you offer. Inspiring videos are still one of the best ways businesses connect with people (90% of them), especially during these times when a pandemic is creating economic havoc among industries.

Brand Identity is everything

As most marketers know, branding elements and identity can make or break a business. Regardless of how small you operate, making your brand stand out from the rest is essential in boosting your online presence. The best way to go about this is to keep things simple and easy to understand so that you can keep your audience from being alienated and confused.

While you're at it, pick a brand name that’s easy to recall and avoid those hard to spell ones that can lead more online users away from your site. Simple branding elements help you stand out from others that utilize more text and design elements that are really unnecessary in hindsight.

Make the most out of marketing automation

Marketing your business online for better visibility entails using various software that can help you automate more tasks for less time. This is also why riding the tech wave can create advantages as some businesses don’t really know how to leverage what marketing automation can actually do for them.

For starters, you’d want to set up some website analytics software, email marketing strategies, sales tracking, and customer relationship management tactics that can cut your workload in half and streamline your processes. Once you have integrated your essential tools, you can easily track your customer’s journey and come up with way better content for your audience. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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