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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “Using Colors for Your Marketing Strategy” by Marc Warren

Color to marketing is like icing to cake—it makes everything about the whole shebang appealing and enticing. But it’s not all just paint and post when it comes to designing logos and marketing collaterals. Most graphic designers go through a nifty process that involves consumer research, color psychology, and context evaluation when making ads or logos for their brands.

Many of us already know that colors have the ability to influence our moods and that includes how we decide on what products we purchase off the shelves. One article shared how 93% of consumers say that visual appearance has something to do with which products they buy, while 85% say that color is the main factor as to why they push through with the sale.

To give you a more definitive insight on how color works in the world marketing, here are a few great examples.


In the Philippines, one social media app called Kumu that started in 2018 managed to rake in over one million downloads in a span of just two years, thanks to the help of its cute brand mascot and key visuals. Centered on livestreaming original content for Filipinos, by Filipinos, Kumu’s creative director Clare Ros integrated the utilization of the color blue with native hues and elements that would appeal to its target audience. The blue tarsier named ’Karlito’ serves as the mobile app’s icon that represents the vibrant online community which the developers wanted to project. Ros then incorporated bright, uplifting colors that expressed energy, optimism, and creativity, while representing the passion and explosive growth of Filipino communities around the world which continues to work well for the brand.

ESM Inbound

This award-winning, UK-based HubSpot business provider for the EMEA region focused on bright colors that are very familiar with sticky notes for their logo. On the other hand, their ads are simple yet alive with a palette of colors that represent their inbound offices and the mix of blue, green orange, and pink make up marketing key visuals that send audiences the message of how ESM Inbound is a vibrant and energetic company. These colors for the brand’s key visuals also go well with their corporate values of being a better, faster, and happier brand.


When it comes to monochromes, Apple is arguably the top of mind success story in terms of branding and logo. However, Apple designers have made their color choices more fluid over the years for more audience reach. From their original rainbow logo addressed to Boomers and Generation X’ers, to the tricolor splash of their Apple Music brand for Millennials and Generation Z’ers, to the solid colors of their various mobile products aimed at—well, everyone, the Apple logo has become a status symbol for many, no matter what hues the products are presented in. Somehow, keeping the color design elements neutral has worked better for the brand rather than the original rainbow logo, as it was able to vividly express Apple’s pursuit for clarity and quality. Plus, monochromes only add to the brand’s evidently sophisticated nature.

Ad Council Autism Awareness

The Ad Council combines advertising with noble social causes and their campaign series for Autism Awareness is one of the best color-filled marketing ads out there. With a full gamut of bright colors and muppet elements, the design works hand-in-hand with its no-nonsense copies without being too serious or heavy. The splash of colors gives a happy yet distorted mood that somewhat defines what autism is all about, or what it feels like to have it. It sends an important message spoon-fed to us in a simple and entertaining manner, thanks to how the designers used the colors to appeal to our inner child, making everything in the ad easier for us all to understand.

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