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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is an article “Where to Start on Social Media” by Marc Primo Warren

Transitioning from conventional marketing practices to doing digital efforts on social media may be easy enough when you know how it works. However, posting at random on any of the available social media platforms out there simply won’t cut it. For most online marketers, finding the right audience and channel to promote their brands and products are the initial steps before collating and analyzing data which can improve their strategies even further.

Boosting your online presence can take a while, but knowing the right channel you should start with is a big leap forward. Have you asked yourself lately which platform your customers usually congregate in to discuss their topics? Be it the king of social media Facebook, or niche sites like Reddit, choosing the right platform where you can maximize your digital marketing strategies and boost online presence is important and can spell the difference between success and failure.

So, just where should you start when it comes to social media? Below are some good insights about three of the biggest social media platforms today to give you an idea of what each platform can do for you, and if they’re the right fit for what you post online.


Currently, Facebook is the number one social media platform out there with over 1.73 billion active users worldwide daily. However, that many people may not be your target audience reach just yet, and it can easily be where your marketing efforts might get lost amid a sea of other brands competing for attention.

This is not to say that placing ads on Facebook is a bad idea. If you have already established a significant following and communities that talk about your brand on the platform, you can give your online presence a big push via a Facebook Business Page, where 80 million brands promote and sell their products.

Using Facebook for business can give you a wider reach on a global scale if your business is really that encompassing. Other benefits of the platform worth checking out are integrated business tools, real-time feedback from your customers, and relevant page insights.


Up next is the number two social media giant where 83% of its total users say they discover the latest brands out there. With over 1 billion users, IG has become more effective as a branding and marketing platform where you can showcase beauty shots of your products and let your brand’s logo enjoy better recall.

It’s more of a visual channel where you can display your ads via posts or Stories, especially if you want to gain a wider audience from the younger generation. And like its mother company, Facebook, you also get relevant data insights and useful business tools.

IG is hands down the perfect platform if your brand is promoting visual products in the form of photos, videos, or carousel ads.


Another social media heavyweight is Twitter, with over 95 million users worldwide. It’s where younger members of the global workforce go to for the latest news, trends, and tweets from influencers who they regard as helpful personalities that can point them to their best alternatives in terms of purchasing products.

Another useful fact about Twitter users is that most of those who use the platform are found to be highly-educated and have money to spare, so that might be the demographic you want to show your ads to. Plus, it can help you widen your reach via retweets and establish your brand as an industry thought leader with the proper marketing strategy.

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While these popular social media platforms are no doubt helping out brands with their digital marketing efforts, there are still many channels you can try which can be more appropriate for what you’re going for. For example, Linkedin is a good platform where you can expand professional networks and establish thought leadership, while Reddit or Pinterest cater to more specific communities out there looking for the best kept-secrets in the industry.

Selecting the right social media channel for your brand, knowing how it works, which type of audiences you can tap, and how far a reach you can get collectively give you a huge advantage over the competition. If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren our services or just say hi, please reach out here.

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