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How To Earn As A Creator On Instagram

This is an article “How To Earn as A Creator On Instagram” by Marc Primo Warren

New content creators are still looking for the best platform to improve their revenue streams. Today, new content creators on YouTube with a decent following of around 2,000 can earn up to $195 a month, and viral videos can earn them from $3,400 to $40,000 for every one million views. Still, achieving this is no easy feat.

With 30 million amateur content creators on Instagram, the platform finally added some features to help newbies out. Instagram Live badges come as tips from viewers watching your live streams, which you can then monetize later on. With this new opportunity, the platform is bracing for more sign-ups to drive the use of its live features further online.

Understanding Instagram Live badges

It might be confusing for some, but Instagram Live badges are a form of ‘virtual tips’ of sorts to reward content creators for their work on the platform. While still a long way from being mainstream, these badges are slowly being rolled out to certified US creators to get things started.

Just like how things work for favorite streaming apps TikTok and Twitch, Instagram Live badges come from a content creator’s followers as tips during a live online broadcast. While the act of tipping in itself is not yet a wholly accepted practice among global followers, many creators have made significant earnings from such features over the years.

Live streamers from Twitch also offer subscriptions for exclusive content and encourage viewers to support and encourage their creative efforts via tips. Most users acknowledge how these tips serve as a bonus for great content, similar to how waiters earn by providing prompt service.

How do Instagram Live badges work?

While the federal government covers tips and basic services to ensure workers get minimum wage, virtual tips like Instagram Live badges depend on how much a follower gives the content creator. Think of how a busker earns those coins scattered on top of their guitar case while playing at the plaza.

Nonetheless, how many tips these content creators receive also reflects how big they have become online.

Thanks to Instagram Live, creators are now more connected to the right set of audiences, especially during a pandemic. With limited ways to produce user-generated content indoors, the income can remain fluid with badges that unlock additional features. The bonuses viewers get from giving out these badges to creators are display shoutouts in the creator’s badge list and a heart icon beside their user handles. Somehow, these badges can also show a follower’s VIP status, depending on the number of badges they give away.

According to Instagram, the badges have three amounts: one badge costs $0.99, two is $1.99, and three is $4.99. Content creators can view these purchases via an icon displayed on the chat screen so they can adequately acknowledge their generous followers during the live stream.

How to get badges on your profile

At present, Instagram Live badges are only available for content creators who reside in the US but will soon roll out to other countries. For those in the US who have a creator or business account on Instagram, are above 18 years old,, and are fully compliant with the platform’s Partner Monetization Policies and Community Guidelines, accessing creator-centric tools is easy. That is if you have already amassed more than 10,000 followers.

Suppose you do have the right number of followers on your profile. If that were the case, you could turn on the Instagram Live badges by accessing the ‘professional dashboard’ tab on your profile settings, tapping on ‘grow your business,’ and clicking ‘badges.’

After you’ve clicked on ‘badges,’ access your Live tab on Stories and click on the badges icon and confirm that you want to set it ‘on.’ The next step is to add a title, then proceed to your live stream and start earning!

More tools for creators

Aside from the badges, Instagram also introduced three more features to help content creators earn money via the platform. The additions come in the form of suite tools comprising Creator Shops, affiliate commerce, and a branded content marketplace.

Creator Shops is a new opportunity for online sellers to market their wares by linking their shops to their personal and business profiles. On the other hand, new content creators who sell products can also set up their online shop via Instagram and through a set of the platform’s eCommerce partners.

The new affiliate commerce feature allows creators to earn commissions each time they promote a branded product sale. Rates depend on what the brands set, but at any rate, it is a good way for creators to earn as it informs users that their purchases are in support of the creators they follow. At the same time, creators discover new brands on the platform, which they can share with their followers for profit.

The last new tool on Instagram that can help new creators earn more money is the branded content marketplace feature. The tool encourages collaborations between content creators and brands to align commercial objectives and achieve a win-win proposition. Think of the feature as Tinder for brands and influencers.

Given these additional tools that support content creators of various niches, users witness how Instagram is upping the ante on its eCommerce initiatives and driving more traction on the platform’s advertising and SEO features.

Empowering the content creator

Monetizing your efforts as a content creator is now easier, thanks to platforms like Instagram that democratize revenue steams, even for smaller nano-influencers. The rise of apps like Venmo and CashApp also makes it easier to earn tips from followers.

What all of this does for SEO is that it helps businesses grow their leads and further improves their rankings. Such influencer-collaborator campaigns established via the Instagram branded content marketplace also help brands amplify their click-through rates, thanks to valuable content creation.

With the way things are going, both the gig economy and eCommerce are pushing towards more profitable spaces online. Users willing to give out tips means they also rely on creators to introduce new content and brands. As it appears, the digital age continues to alter consumer behavior and, as a result, everybody performs SEO.

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