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These Tips Will Help Your Mobile Marketing Instantly

This is an article “These Tips Will Help Your Mobile Marketing Instantly” by Marc Primo Warren

Last year, tech giants Apple and Samsung sold over 1.3 billion smartphone units globally, despite the pandemic. These figures are significant since 52.4% of the total online users access sites on their smartphones, making mobile marketing one of the top strategies in focus across all industries today.

When done right, mobile marketing provides users with an experiential form of marketing that they can appreciate and relate to. Marketers take great lengths to customize themes and provide useful information within their websites to appeal to specific types of audiences. While it’s easy to say that the future of digital marketing will center on mobile, more has to be learned to influence users to spend time and money on your website.

When the first iPhone hit the market, desktop shopping didn’t know that in five years, mobile marketing will take center stage and continue to skyrocket into the future. Most companies are already upgrading their mobile marketing strategies with up to 51% of their entire budget going to mobile ads. That’s because they also enjoy bigger ROI, especially from Google which comprises around 96% of the total mobile search traffic online.

If you are new to mobile marketing and want to start strong, these tips will help you in a big way.

Spend time on your design

Designing your online ads to appear as you’d want them on mobile devices is always the main objective when it comes to mobile marketing. This means that you would also have to consider other formats that will appear as coherent content on tablets, as well. Various social media platforms have standard templates, formats, and options for mobile ads, and knowing how your preferred platform manipulates mobile ads should be your first step before you manage your content.

Create dynamic content

Always be consistent in how clear and concise your content is as mobile screens are usually smaller and most users aren’t keen on scrolling down to find what they are looking for. Choose your words and avoid cluttering your design space with too many unnecessary elements, while trying as much as possible to contain the essentials such as your call to action buttons, eCommerce link, and product info in the above the browser’s fold. That way, users won’t have to struggle through a complex user interface.

Create your buyer personas

Depending on which niche you’re marketing, identifying the right audience to lead to your website matters a lot in terms of your mobile ad’s design and content. For example, cyberpunk elements usually appeal to an audience of gamers while soothing and calming colors do well with female consumers.

Perform some market research and create buyer personas to help you improve how you design your mobile ads and website. Buyer personas also help you study your target market’s behavior, estimated time spent on their mobiles, and their pain points so you can further develop what you offer.

Experiment and test

Doing a little bit of A/B testing does a lot for your mobile marketing efforts in how you can track your pay-per-click ads’ performance through Google Analytics. Benchmark your results so you can improve on what works for your mobile user experience and you can work your way up from there.

Use Google’s mobile ad extensions

When you sign up for an ad account on Google, you will have the option to utilize the platform’s extensions for added features. One very useful extension is the Mobile Site Links which helps users find what they are looking for faster while they are on your website for better user experience.

There’s also the Click-to-Call mobile ad extension that places a call icon on your mobile ads that’s linked to your given number so potential customers can contact you much faster and easier. One thing you should always be wary of, though, is your business hours as users won’t like their calls unanswered during hours when you are closed.

If you are planning to offer discounts in your mobile ad campaigns, use Google Offers to post coupons and discount banners below your ad. They can help grab your audience’s attention faster and are hard to ignore.

Other ad extensions you can use courtesy of Google are Call-to-Download buttons if you have a working app, and the Local Ads extension which can optimize your content by localizing users’ search intent to help you target more audiences. Since one in three searches are users who are on-the-go and search for things they need via the web, including your location in your mobile marketing strategy with Local Ads will point them in your direction faster.

Manage your mobile ads for different devices easily

Last year, Google upgraded its Enhanced Campaigns feature for Google Ads users that combine the best functions of mobile marketing with that of the classic Google AdWords feature. In a nutshell, Enhanced Campaigns allow you to manage bids in your current ad campaign so they’ll work across different device formats instead of creating a different one for a desktop campaign.

The feature is easy to use and has a similar interface to that of Google Analytics. What you’d want to do is take your Google search ads then set bids according to your preferred devices. This makes your mobile marketing chores easier as it also manages bids for locations and time. So if you have more audiences on mobile, setting up a higher bid for mobile devices on your operating hours and targeting those who are near your brick-and-mortar store, you can do so without a sweat with Google’s Enhanced Campaigns.

Mastering these tips and tools can boost your mobile marketing efforts much faster and easier but it will take some time to learn everything. Keep in mind that mobile technology also evolves continuously and so will these features and strategies. However, knowing how the whole thing works is winning half the mobile marketing battle.

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