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Boosting UX for More Clicks and Conversions

This is an article “Boosting UX for More Clicks and Conversions” by Marc Primo Warren

One of the most important metrics in terms of website health is your conversion rates. The higher your conversion, the better your revenue and sales, which also means your website is working as expected. For businesses that offer eCommerce in particular, ensuring that you have quality user experience (UX) on your website is a huge factor in keeping your conversion rates high. UX is directly linked to your lead generation, visitors, and overall customer experience on your website, which is why you have to make sure that each of its elements is fully optimized.

Boosting your UX for more clicks can mean a lot of things. Aside from making your site speeds faster to reduce bounce rates, you’ll also have to consider your website's design, landing pages, links, and other elements that are necessary to help your business. Everything must contribute to an engaging customer experience and easily help them find what they are looking for on your site. Remember, the average conversion rate via Google’s AdWords is 3.75% on the search network and only 0.77% on its display network (GDN), so the more visitors you can get to spend time and money on your website, the better chances you have of becoming a brand that’s considered an industry authority with a good reputation, and the higher you’ll rank on search engine results pages (SERP).

Try out these simple tips that will make your UX more competitive and poised for better conversion.

Prioritize videos

If the birth of MTV shed the spotlight on videos during the ‘80s, this particular medium is making a huge comeback when it comes to boosting your SEO tactics on your landing pages. Each time a user lands on a page with a compelling video, it’s more likely for that user to spend some time on your website and be influenced by your content.

Most consumers nowadays don’t spare too much time reading long-form texts on websites anyway and prefer spoon-fed information about a brand or product via short videos. Plus, they contribute to better UX, especially if your videos have that appeal to emotion or human interest subjects they can relate to.

If you want to grab your visitors’ attention, tailor-made videos for your target audiences are your best bets to keep them aboard. Not only that, videos are found to significantly contribute to higher conversion rates for businesses across all industries which can be attributed to how six out of ten consumers prefer to watch videos online rather than on television. That means if your video ads go viral, you can potentially reach around 85% of US consumers who say they watch online videos daily.

Place your CTA buttons conspicuously

Your call to action (CTA) is an important part of both your content management and design as it can also influence your visitors’ experience and corresponding actions on your website. If you treat them like Waldo and give your visitors a hard time finding which right links to click, then you might as well say goodbye to that visitor. No one wants a hard time navigating landing pages and complex eCommerce sites.

To close the deal faster, make your CTAs distinct and easy to spot on your webpage and refrain from placing them either right below your header whether left, right or center, or somewhere near the bottom border of the first visible content on web browsers without the user scrolling down or what is called the fold. This way, your CTAs will have an 84% chance of being seen by your visitors. But take note of whether you are designing your user interface (UI) for laptops, tablets, or mobile phones as you‘ll need to adjust your designs accordingly.

Always boost your site speed

Your site speed contributes to how both your SEO marketing and UX will perform. Especially for the latter, site speed is crucial to decrease your bounce rates and conversions. Perhaps the question you’re most likely to ask is how fast your site speed should be? In this age of 5G cellular networks, you need to load up your landing page in less than four seconds or else let your visitors abandon your site. Worse, once visitors tag you as a poorly performing website, they might never return.

Every second your loading page lags, you lose 16% of potential customers who initially have shown interest in your site. While you can opt to remarket to such audiences, it’s still easier to simply optimize your site speeds and lower your bounce rates than create a new marketing funnel altogether.

Site speeds that load up in one second give your visitors the impression that they are in control of navigating your site, while two to three seconds is your critical point where most bounce events occur.

Use clear and readable fonts

Making your text content readable to your visitors will be valued more than you give a premium to your entire website design concept. Unless you’re using fonts from your brand’s style guide for consistency, choose simple serif or non-serif fonts for your articles to make them easier for your visitors to absorb. Don’t resort to using some sort of ancient calligraphy for even your short CTAs for flair because that won’t matter much to most users.

While on the subject of text content on your landing pages, keep them short and straight to the point so your UX can be more appealing to your visitors, while also making sure that they are readable and sized to around 18-point fonts (as long as they still blend well with your overall design).

Always keep in mind that your visitors go to your site to get something they need and not read a pile of texts and paragraphs that will only take up much of their time.

Following these simple tips can greatly improve your website’s UX and place you on their regular radar. The more visitors who spend time on your website, the higher you’ll rank on searches which in SEO metrics, is one huge step towards better brand reputation and higher returns.

If you want to find out more about Marc Primo Warren, our services, or just say ‘hi’, please reach out here.

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