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New Trends for Bloggers

This is an article “New Trends for Bloggers” by Marc Primo Warren

Putting a pulse to your blog to establish your online authority is a challenging task. With millions of information scattered all over the internet, getting your blog to rank up there with the pros entails quality content and consistency that will build your credibility. Keeping a tab on all of the changes that emerge from search engines and reader preferences are the keys to remain on top.

This 2021, blogs that focus on specific niches always have a higher percentage of having a competition. Over the years, multiple blogs on various subjects from across industries have sprouted all over the internet that some may feel discouraged to even start blogging nowadays.

However, it’s never too late to showcase your ideas and share them with potential followers. Even if there are around 570 million active blogs out there already, offering something unique online will never dry out. Of course, there are a few factors you need to consider to make your blog successful these days.

How to get people to read your blogs

The main objective of starting a blog is to share information with online users out there who are looking for some answers about what matters most to them. Unfortunately, not all blogs can be considered genuine with some only shooting for boosts in their online traffic and lead generation that scrutiny of their content will often show bad grammar or sometimes, ridiculous claims.

As long as you can share fact-driven information with your readers in a coherent, grammatically correct, and interesting manner, your power to promote, share opinions, or offer solutions through your blog will be valued by online users.

Keep in mind that people who go online will always be on the lookout for interesting articles they can find on the internet. So, try to make your content more appealing by integrating attention-grabbing headlines, links to related content, or even video complements and infographics as these can do a lot to get people to spend more time consuming your content or engaging with your other followers via your social media accounts.

How blogging is different today

Blogging has come a long way since its earliest forms started to emerge as early as 1994. However, it was only in 2010 when it arguably took off into the mainstream with the White House launching its blog site and movies such as Julie and Julia chronicling the life of a real-life blogger on the silver screen and launching the medium into the pop culture mainstream. It was also during this time that 11% of bloggers were already able to make a living out of their writing.

Fast forward to today when over 3 million blog articles are being read online daily and technology’s role on how your blog can rank up on search engines has become the heart of the blogosphere. With how people have switched to mobile over desktops and how Google’s algorithms continue to develop, effective blogging has become an essential factor in every online entity’s marketing and content strategy with over 700% of businesses showing increases in lead flow this decade.

The latest trends in blogging

Everyone is tired of hearing about COVID-19 but its grave effects transcend all types of industries, including the world of publishing. A good number of publishing companies have shut down worldwide due to the pandemic, while others have shifted to other channels such as blogging to weather the storm.

This year, more people have opted to go online to get their news updates, and information as more writers and publishers are expected to boost their eCommerce efforts on their blogs, upgrade their digital content management strategies, and create more online engagement to have a slice of the overall readership. Safe to say that it’s the decade of the bloggers wherein smaller bloggers can also share equal footing with giant publications to gain readership and engagement, depending on their strategies.

After the new normal has set in, more people now have new needs and unique blogs that offer to address their pain points and build their online credibility. Today’s blogs have more extensive dashboards that stretch beyond content and use algorithms to connect themselves with the right readers. Image tags are essential to rank up on search engines, while writing down their descriptions can link it to social media or text-to-voice software.

Dashboards also allow you to multitask as an administrator, author, and social media manager so you can have full rein to promote your blog on different channels. Including social media share buttons on your dashboard so your readers can easily share them on their social media accounts not only gives you wider reach, but increases your backlink build-up.

New musts in SEO

Your content management is doomed to fail without efficient search engine optimization and this year, the technique continues to change drastically in terms of keyword research, on and off-page optimization, and search engine algorithms.

Google’s Core Web Vitals aims to improve user experience by giving a premium for blogs that load faster, allowing smooth interactivity, and displaying visual stability, particularly on mobile. These three factors all contribute to your page speed which can help you rank on top of the search engine results page. Make sure your blog’s landing pages load in less than three seconds to score higher in these metrics and reach more audiences via search engines.

Another huge factor in blogging these days is Google’s integration of machine learning and natural language processing tools in its Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) algorithm. This feature allows Google’s bots to meticulously review every user’s search intent and direct them to the right sources.

In terms of your content management, BERT will focus on your information-related keywords so be specific when writing your blog posts and focus on its quality rather than on SEO keyword density.

Though blogging may seem simple at first, making it successful in reaching out to the right audiences takes time and effort. Sure, you may have great ideas that you want to share online so you write them down for others to seek. But without considering the current trends and latest tools to make your landing pages rank on search engines, your blog efforts will only be futile without an audience to benefit from it.

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